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Быстрая и надежная доставка Мы осуществляем доставку по всей Италии с помощью специализированных курьеров. Быстрая и надежная доставка (24/48 часов)

Гарантированный товарПокрыт законной гарантией, действительной в течение 24 месяцев с даты доставки.

Описание товара

The JOE suspension is a composition of chandeliers suitable for interiors with four rosettes and four metal diffusers. 25 centimeters in diameter, the item is equipped with E27 bulb sockets. Joe, with a unique and furnishing design due to its multiple composition, is available in three different color configurations: one-color, two-tone and gold, silver or copper leaf. Joe, like all our lighting products, can be customized according to the individual needs of our customers thanks to the “just in time” production of our company. 80% of Joe's components are replaceable in case of damage, in line with the eco-design legislation which will come into force from September 2021. Joe is made entirely in our factories with 100% Made in Italy products and elements.
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