About us

Lumicom is a WayPoint brand mainly aimed at the B2C market. At the artisan bases of the Italian tradition, for several years we have already embarked on the path of the circular economy with the creation of products that combine what has been handed down to us, design, Made in Italy, development and research, projected to ever greater efficiency of the products and the extension of its life cycle. Our ethical philosophy was born in unsuspecting times, not linked to communication or marketing strategies. Our lighting products, in fact, have been able to be repaired, reconditioned, regenerated and recycled for some time already in line with the eco-design legislation that will come into force from September 2021. For this reason we have already increased the production line for some time and, since 2016, we have started a human resources training plan.

Today we are able to produce all the components of our lighting products in-house without having to go outside to purchase parts for them. These two steps have allowed us to reduce our warehouse by moving towards a just in time production. Our company produces what it needs, not one piece more, not one piece less, so don't ask us how many items we have in stock, ask us how much we can produce. We are also in the developing our production line. We are working to include the use of digital technologies for metallic 3D printing that will further expand our internal production capacity by further diversifying the range of products.

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